Simplicity Spa Inflatable Hot tub Spa Review

simplicity hot tub

The 4 Person 65″ Inflatable Spa Hot Tub with 80 Jets from simplicity is a budget hot tub but with amazing features.  The bathtub helps you to place the spa at any space in your home be it the backyard or indoors.  No installation costs when it comes to this hot tub simply plug it in and enjoy the hot streams.  The tub inflates in a few minutes and once filled, you can fill it with water.  It is also wide enough to accommodate four persons and all these features; you get at a reasonable price.

What the Simplicity’s Spa offers?

Strong PVC material

The hot tub is made of a strong PVC layered material. It inflates easily but it also highly resistant to punctures. Hence, you should not worry that it will give in when you are having your moment.  The material is also suited for outdoor uses. It will be long before you will need a replacement.

4- Adult capacity

If you have a family, this is the hot tub for you.  It offers a spacious and a comfortable space where you can enjoy a spa session with your loved ones.  For a young couple, you can have your moments together in the tub, to keep your love burning. The tub carries about 150 gallons. The padded PVC lining on the interior, gives you a comfortable place to sit on, regardless of the time you intend to spend in the hot tub.

Easy installation

To install this Simplicity’s 4 Person 65″ Inflatable Spa Hot Tub with 80 Jets, you will not need to call a professional installer. Just remove the hot tub from its storage and inflate it. This will take you a few minutes. Then, fill it in with water and connect it to the 110V power outlet.  The 1200W heater is instant, to ensure fast and even heating of the water. The heater is thermostatic to avoid water heating beyond 1040F.

80 Air jets

The hot tub provides a great spa experience, all thanks to the 80 air jets. The jets are placed strategically to ensure that your whole body is lost to the spa aura. You can sit on the soft floor of the tub and let the hot air flush all the strains in your body.

Efficient filter system

The hot tub features a filter system, which ensures that the water entering your tub is pristine and chemical free. Hence, do not hesitate to invite your little ones, for a moment in the pool.


This inflatable hot tub from Simplicity fits into any space in your home. You can choose to set it up in the living room, bathroom or outdoors at the backyard. Once you are done, simply deflate it and tuck it in its storage bag. You can use the same bag to travel with it to your vacation home or any other destination.

The next time you are shopping for a portable bathtub, 4 Person 65″ Inflatable Spa Hot Tub with 80 Jets from Simplicity, is a worthy consideration. It gives you so many features and at a price, you will never imagine.