Lifesmart 400DX 5-Person Hot Tub Review

lifesmart 400dx portable hot tub

The Lifesmart 400DX 5-Person Rock Solid Plug and Play Spa provides all you would want in a hot tub. With a capacity of about five people, it offers you an opportunity to connect with family. Just imagine having a spa treatment right in your garden with your loved ones.  It’s made with a durable white rock shell; hence, it is sturdy to withstand the weight of the overwhelming water and five adults. Here is a detailed account of what to expect in this amazing hot tub:

19 Therapeutic jets

The 19 adjustable jets allow for an uninterruptable spa moment. The jets are strategically positioned to ensure that all acupuncture points of your body are covered. Simply switch them on and relax, as the hot fumes melt your concerns away. For people whose conditions require spa treatment, this hot tub can accord them the therapeutic solution they are looking for. However, this feature is not necessarily for those with joint problems but for anyone who would want to have a relaxing spa.

5-Adult capacity

The Lifesmart 400DX 5-Person Rock Solid Plug and Play Spa is capable of hosting around five people. Hence, if you have a family, this is a great investment. It is wide enough to hold your entire family. The bathtub also offers intricate design; with ergonomic seats to enable you relax without sliding into the pool. The jets and the waterfall, make the experience even more enjoyable.

Plug and play function

Forget the expensive installation charges levied by professionals in your neighborhood; you will not need them to set up this hot tub.  The Lifesmart 400 DX plugs into an 110V power outlet and starts to work immediately. You only need to fill in the hot tub with water to full capacity. Once it is filled, plug it in the power terminal and get inside for a heavenly spa treatment. You certainly do not need any expertise to install the piece. Another thing is that it is s portable. Therefore, you can set it up in the living room, patio or the backyard.

Energy efficient

Since, the hot tub uses electricity; it can influence your power bills significantly. But, the Lifesmart 400 DX has taken this in account. The interior of the bathtub is insulated with foam to avoid heat loss.  It also features a spa cover, which helps to keep the water warm and eliminates reheating before you get into the pool. Besides, it also offers protection for pets and your little ones, lest they drown in the pool.

It does not matter whether you do not own a permanent bathtub, you can have your dream pool, by investing in Lifesmart 400DX 5-Person Rock Solid Plug and Play Spa. Place it at any space of your choice and the experience will be memorable. It is a family hot tub, with a capacity of five people and it is energy efficient.  It is intricately designed both on the inside and outside. The Mahogany skirt that the tub features on its exterior gives it a timeless look.