How To Find Leak In A Hot Tub

how to find a hot tub leak

Finding leaks in a hot tub is something you should take very seriously if you own a hot tub as it can end up saving you a great deal of money in the long run. The typical hot tub features numerous openings in which water could leak and over time, the jets of the tub might develop a leakage over time. In addition, the plumbing just behind the shell of the spa might also leak. So, as you start to look where water could be getting lost in the hot tub, it is essential that you check all these components so that you can be able to spot the leakages.

Hot Tub JetIt is worthy to note that your if hot tub is leaking, often the jets are the areas with a problem. If one part of your hot tub happens to fail, other parts might also do the same and it is important that you are very observant to ensure everything is alright at all times. So, while finding hot tub leaks might seem like a difficult affair, you just need to use common sense and everything will just be fine.

Areas with bad seals are highly prone to leaking and other areas that you should turn your attention to is around the heater, pipes, pressure switch as well as connections. In case you are not willing to tear the equipment, always ensure you use a leak sealer of high quality as this will end up saving you a great deal of your hard earned money and time. Even though this might not fix the leak permanently, it can be a very effective solution for many leaks. However, had pump seals can’t be repaired this way and you should consider replacing it.

Hot tub leaks are usually associated with various components such as pump wet end seal, jet bodies, PVC plumbing parts and tubing, wooden hot tubs, acrylic spa shell, slice/ knife & gate valves and the heater assembly manifold. When you are diagnosing the leaks, start by turning the power off and open the compartment. Examine the pump using a flashlight and look for wetness as you feel it for dampness. In case the seals of the pumps are bad, you might find it a lot easier to get the entire pump replaced rather than replacing the seals.

Hot Tub Leaking PipesNext, examine the pipes and fittings which lead to the heater of the hot tub. Furthermore, make sure that you check its pressure switch and check each joint for wetness. You should keep in mind the fact that even a new hot tub could leak since the fittings might jostle loose when being shipped. You should tighten all these fittings in order to stop the leaks. Then, slowly and carefully follow each pipe in the hot tub to its jet as you look for leakage signs along the way and getting any leakage fixed right away.

A good way to diagnose leakages in the jets is by placing dark food coloring on the water. It is known that water tends to seek the path where the resistance is at its least and you should be keen to see exactly where the food color is going. In case it has flown out of a jet, chances are high that you have spotted your leak. It is important to note that you might want to consider pulling urethane foam out of the pipe so that you can expose them. Such could be the areas with leakages and might not be easy to find as such.