Homax Inflatable Hot Tub Review

Homax Inflatable Hot Tub The Homax Inflatable SPA is an affordable hot tub, which allows you to enjoy advanced features that would otherwise cost you a fortune. It is portable; to enable you set it up in a location of your choice. The tub’s quality is top notch and convenience is its trait. To set this hot tub up, you will not need a professional. When not in use, the tub can be stored safely in your house, without taking much space, since it is inflatable. Before you make a purchasing decision, read on!

What are the selling features of a Homax Inflatable SPA hot tub?


One feature that makes this hot tub to tick is its portability. You can set it up anywhere in your home. It is well adapted for both indoor and outdoor uses. A bath right from the porch of your house is possible with this bathtub. It installs easily, so you can forget about installation costs.

Durable and adaptable PVC material

The square hot tub is made entirely of a strong PVC material. This helps it to survive outdoor weather extremes, without giving in. Besides, it enables it to stand the pressure subjected by the water, hence, extending without a struggle. The material does not leak, making the hot tub suitable for using in other rooms, without fearing that water will pour out.

Homax Cover lockArmed for safety

A pool holding about 158 gallons would be a health hazard for your little ones and pets. Homax knew this too well and that is why, they deliver your Inflatable SPA hot tub, with a cover or a zip cover. This acts for a barrier but it also prevents contamination of the water.

130 air jets for great massage

The hot tub also comes with 130 air jets, which are placed in strategic places, to give you an overhaul massage. You will certainly love to come home to such treatment. The air jets strike tight muscles, leaving them relaxed and ready to cover, another day.

Homax Control PanelDigital control panel

The digital control panel makes things easier when you are using the Homax Inflatable Spa hot tub. It allows you to regulate the temperature of the water, on the heating system, which ranges from 640 to 1040 F. You can also control the jets. It is all about the experience you intend to achieve.

4-adult capacity

The hot tub is large enough to accommodate four adults. Hence, if you are alone or with your partner, the tub feels like a real swimming pool. Its sides are also sturdy, to allow you sit and deep your legs inside. It carries 158 gallons, just enough to submerge your entire body and forget your worries for a moment.

At a reasonable price, you get to bathe, have a spa and a massage. The Homax Inflatable hot tub is something you should consider bringing into your home. It is spacious and has therapeutic features, a rare combination in conventional bathtubs. The tub is made of a powerful material, to serve you long, before you need a replacement.